Valerio Massimo Everest Expedition 2009

Me on the summit of Cho Oyu with Everest in the background

Back from the summit…and a quick photo

May 24th, 2009 by Valerio

Well I am back at EBC in one piece from the summit of Everest, rather weather-beaten and skinny but a very happy man.


I am only doing a quick post today – I need to write something much longer to do justice to the incredible experiences of the week-long summit attempt, and I’ve also got some beautiful pictures from up high to share.  I will do this within the next few days for those that are interested.


It was an utterly extraordinary experience. As Alix wrote, I reached the summit of Everest (8,850 meters) at 7.14am local time on the 21st May and spent almost an hour on the roof of the world.  I was back at the South Col (7,960 meters) at 11.45am, and ended up descending all the way to Camp 2 (6,400 meters) the same day, which was totally exhausting.  On the 22nd May I remained in Camp 2 as no one who descended that day from Camp 4 wanted to push through the Icefall to Base Camp that day, so I finally descended through the Icefall for the final time with the group yesterday morning.  I have been recovering ever since.


I will write a proper post along with some of the amazing photos I took within the next few days.


For now here is a picture of me on top of the world.


Over and out from a very happy me at EBC.


PS Vix – Chris made the summit on the 23rd May and is currently at Camp 2!  He will be back in Base Camp tomorrow.


Me stepping onto the summit of Everest, with Makalu the world's fifth highest mountain in the background

Me stepping onto the summit of Everest, with Makalu the world's fifth highest mountain in the background


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  • Dear Valerio,

    Massive congrats on your summit success!!! I am beyond thrilled for you and the rest of your team!

    I can’t wait to read more about your momentous achievement and see all your amazing pictures as well!

    Rest up and continue to enjoy your success!

    Best wishes,

    P.S. Y – You have worked so hard up there and I am so incredibly proud of you! Come back soon! I love you <3

  • Congratulations. It is impossible for us mortals to really understand what you have done. It is simply great to know you are safe. Bill and Jeanie

  • So glad to hear that you are back safely in EBC with Alix. Really well done. We’re sure that the enormity of what you have achieved is only now beginning to sink in. We look forward to reading your full account of the amazing experience and seeing the pictures. Our love to you both. Chick & Jo Hood.

  • Valerio,

    I have been waiting to have you back at EBC in one piece before posting this message.

    In a nutshell, I take it all back: clearly this is no scuba diving!

    Our warmest congratulations (by the way, you are Cecilia’s new idol – together with another couple of guys who made the history of design in the 20th century…).

    See you very soon.

    Andrea (& Cecilia)

    P.S. Free speech for Paul, who is my new personal idol!

  • Valerio:

    Cornetto, cappuccino and sugar cubes are waiting down here, as you know.

    As you would suspect, in order to mitigate the risk of possible imbalances, room temperature is conveniently kept at a freezing (for us) 20° C.

    Meanwhile, we did check the local data and I am happy to confirm that no fashion-conscious, Brera resident other than you ever had a chance to smile his way to the world from the summit of Everest.

    History is made, therefore.

    We all look forward to seeing you soon – as skinny as you probably are right now!



  • dear valerio, I do not know if you remember me, I am Patrick’s father your uncle. Any way congratulations. What a great thing to have done. Best ever david kruger

  • Valerio,

    It’s incredible what you did ! Congratulations !

    I can’t imagine what do you feel to be there on the top of the World !

    Compliments again and thanks a lot for the pictures and the news from the stage !

    See you soon.


  • Is that Valerio or John Travolta on the summit?

    Very happy for you, and am very glad you are safe and sound. Give me a call when you get back to Europe.

    Well done, and thank you Bliss, for keeping us all updated in his absence…

    All love,


  • And thank you to Andrea. I love you. My favourite colour is blue, I like vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, and long walks on the beach. Call me.

  • awesome! congrats mate – can’t wait to hear the stories in more detail when you’re back.


  • Valerio, an outstanding personal achievement. Thankful that you are back to EBC. Best from us all for the remainder and much looking forward to seeing you here. James.

  • V:

    Now that I think of it.

    Exactly the same “8,000+ suit”…it sort of makes me doubt it was actually you who made it up there, I have to say.


  • Valerio – you are a superstar! Well done and a million congratulations! Look forward to celebrating when you are back.

  • Grande! Incantevole! Ti aspettiamo to celebrate!!!!
    Un abbraccio

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