Valerio Massimo Everest Expedition 2009

Me on the summit of Cho Oyu with Everest in the background

At Base Camp!

April 9th, 2009 by Alix

Valerio just called me on a very stormy line to say he’s finally made it to Everest Base Camp and will be posting as soon as he can get some sunshine for the solar energy panels.

It’s an auspicious day as he also called to say Happy Anniversary to me… definitely one to remember!

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  • V – so i started to watch “everest – beyond the limit” …. it’s this show on discovery channel following an expedition up and down the mountain. and i’ve only just started to realize how BAD ASS this whole thing is !!! knowing that even paul and fran have been to base camp it’s sometimes hard to take the seriously. and the stories about the eye lash curlers and the fact that you’ve matched your summit suit to the color of your hair doesn’t help. BUT i’ve come to realize how amazing this whole expedition must be ! i know know everything about acute mountain sickness, cerebral edema … ABC, the fact that there really are no hunky sherpas … they are more like hobbits. the expedition leader in that show is also called russell and he kind of looks like the guy in your pictures. anyway i could NOT stop watching. how long are you gonna be at base camp and when is alix joining you ? you should post a timeline outlining when you’re doing what part. i’m in germany this weekend with olga. we’ll try calling you on your sat phone.


    p.s.: i’m now spending more time on your blog than on facebook. i’m hooked.

  • Well said Semjon. It’s incredible territory that you’re about to enter. Really good luck with this next stage my friend. Tim

  • Wishing you all the very best of luck. Will be keeping up with your endeavours.

  • Semjon, what do you mean “even Paul and Fran have been to Base Camp”? The Franny Machine and I are known to be the peak of physical and aesthetic perfection.

    Glad to hear that you are at Base Camp. Hope you’re feeling fine. Will call on your phone in the next few days. I’m off to London for the weekend to see the family.

    If you do have internet, figure out how to set up Scrabble. I will school you.


  • Hey Semjon sweetheart how are you? Yes that series is on Valerio’s team in previous years- that’s his expedition leader, although on the North side which is now closed. They’re doing the third series this year. xxx PS I’m starting my trek next week, i arrive in base camp May 5th i think. xxxx

  • Oh and Paul obviously I’m very proud to be following in your peak McQueen-clad footsteps. xxx