Valerio Massimo Everest Expedition 2009

Me on the summit of Cho Oyu with Everest in the background

Leaving Namche

April 2nd, 2009 by Valerio

Thank all of you for your messages and comments – I read them all and it is great to hear from home.  We’ve now added an easier ‘subscribe for updates’ function on the site so please register.  Also, there will be a message board within the next few days, but do keep leaving comments on the posts util then.

So, last day in a ‘town’ of any sort – i.e. with shops etc.  We leave Namche after lunch for Khumjung for a couple of days of (hopefully) sunny acclimatisation. 

Much of my time in Namche has been spent trying to get my Sat Phone to work – it is now looking increasingly likely that this spanking new model is faulty or had the wrong software installed.  It couldn’t be tested in London as there is no coverage so I get to find out here – ufortunately I can’t seem to find a Thuraya shop in Namche – must be down the second muddy alleyway on the left…  Anyway this could mean limited posts until Base Camp when I can bring out the Bad Boy high speed modem, but that is still just under a week away.  Anyway, I’ll still try and find a way to keep boring you all on a daily basis.

I also seem to be growing a beard – perhaps I might actually look rugged one day.  Vote ‘shave’ if you want it off and ‘keep’ if not and I will make sure I continue to do as I please.  Anyway photo of five days growth below.  Perhaps I should keep it going in honour of Alix’s arrival at Base Camp on May 5th.

Anyway off now for another extraordinarily diverse lunch of rice, noodles and vegetables.  Or I might skip it and go to the newly opened branch of Nobu – perhaps the Sat phone is on the same muddy street?

Namche's 5th Avenue

Namche's 5th Avenue

Me, Chris Macklin and five-day beard n the tea house last night

Me, Chris Macklin and five-day beard n the tea house last night

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  • Definitely keep the beard! And lets see a May 5 progress report. However muddy, Namche still looks nicer than London right now…

  • KEEP – you look great !


  • I don’t see why there should be only two options. What about ‘STYLE’, ‘CURL’, or GOATEE’?? Just some starter thoughts. xx

  • Definitely shave

  • Please please shave

  • Looks like I have managed to manipulate the course of history, by making you the only ginger Italian gay in history to shave daily on the way to Khumbu. I secretly rigged the ballot box – I wonder if anyone noticed?

    Namche is also the last place you can get a prostitute for a while. Just thinking out loud. Otherwise, Chris Macklin looks quite pretty. Should Bliss be worried? Should she come to NY and forget about you for a while? I can help facilitate that, if you want.

    Just make sure I don’t see those YSL sunglasses you stole from me, on you or your latest Sherpa boyfriend.

    I still want an answer on the hairdryer question. How many did you bring?

    What do you mean there’s no coverage in London to test your Sat phone? The shop told you that, and you believed them? There’s no satellite coverage in London?? Really?? How come I can watch live football on my satellite dish, numbnuts? Jesus, you really are a thickie sometimes.

    Did you know I was the first person in history to go to Base Camp wearing Alexander McQueen? True story.

  • Some clarification…

    Namche…last place you can get a human, female prostitute.

    Alexander McQueen…menswear, a t-shirt in fact. I can just see you flouncing around base camp in some ball gown with a corset, in the mistaken assumption you are following in my very cool footsteps.

  • Keep Cap’n Redbeard. You’re not going to get another chance like this to see how long it will grow! Keep up the excellent blogging. Very best wishes, Tim

  • PS Paul’s hairdryer question is fair!

  • VALERIO !!!!

    i love your blog …. this is going to be SO much fun !

    definitely keep the beard … but judging from your last picture you’re looking quite pale ! what’s going on with that ? slap on some self tanner and make us look good when you get to base camp …

    keep up the good work. X

    P.s.: paul got me all excited about the hunky sherpas … pls take some pictures of them for your next post.

  • Vazza! Just looked through it all – bloody good for you. Oscar (age 6) thinks this is the coolest thing he’s ever heard. Good luck, stay safe, and we’ll keep tracking you. Man, you’ve come along way since that virtual tour of Everest in Bodleys nearly 15 years ago. Kisses –